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Nursery School

Little Stars - 2-3 years

This nurturing environment provides the structure that allows young children to grow and learn while feeling safe and comfortable.  The children are given opportunities to explore and learn through age appropriate toys, activities and projects.  Children in the classroom and encouraged to use words to express their needs and wants.  In this classroom they will learn to count, discover writing and music, and build towards following simple instructions.  Potty training is available at no extra charge.

Preschool Teacher and Students

Big Stars - 3-4 years

In this encouraging environment we promote academic development through literature, math, culture appreciation, foreign language and science.  We use art, games, stories, cooking, science experiments and music to broaden the children's world while they have fun.  We invite community members to come & talk about what they are doing in the community.  We take field trips to explore our area and to help children associate what they are learning in the classroom with where they live.

Teacher and Kids in Library

Super Stars - 5-6 years

This program offers learning opportunities in a fun environment for maturing children as they get ready to transition into elementary school.  These children  are eager to succeed and are looking for new challenges, close friendships and increasing responsibilities.  During the school year the students work with their teacher to develop skills in math, science, foreign language and reading.  During the summer the students will have daily elements of science, technology, engineering and physical education as enrichment activities.  They also go on field trips to explore the city of Chicago.

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