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Our Mission

The mission of Sunnyside Daycare is to provide comprehensive childcare for children.  The basic service that we administer is the care and education of children from ages two years through six years.  Within this care we offer teaching in all subjects from math to phonics, a safe environment, and a positive, encouraging atmosphere for children to be in while the parents or guardians are away.  We believe that each child is an individual who deserves to be respected and appreciated for his or her own unique character.  We believe that young children learn best by interacting actively with their environment.  We believe that the best curriculum for young children is one that provides for growth in all areas of development:

  • Social: Interactions with peers and adults


  • Emotional: Affirmation, expression and understanding of a child's own feelings and others' feelings


  • Physical: large and small muscle skills, awareness of his or her body's capabilities


  • Cognitive, intellectual and creative: basic concepts and problem-solving skills that will lay the foundation for future learning

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Now Enrolling children ages 2 years through 6 years

We are open from 7AM to 6PM

We are a secure facility with a outdoor private playground area - Doors are locked at all times 

We go on  multiple field trips during 

the year

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